Entumoto is a private tented safari camp elevated in the hills of the Rift Valley, commanding breath-taking views and sunsets over the Mara plains. The camp has a private conservancy to give you a more intimate and exclusive safari experience as well as direct access into the Masai Mara reserve.

With no fences between the park and the conservancy all the animals you get in the Mara have free reign to come in and out of the conservancy – which is especially exciting during the Great Migration.

Entumoto means meeting point in the local language Maa, which fits well as the camp is situated where the plains meet the hills and where two valleys come together.

why Entumoto

Entumoto is a small private lodge, around 25 guests.  Other lodges in the Mara can be ten times this size.

We can do games drives in the Mara every day, but we also have our private conservancy where the game is more plentiful and accessible.  We can do game drives, game walks and night drives in the conservancy and are often alone with the game rather than waiting our turn amongst other vehicles.

Entumoto has its own vegetable garden, so the food is fresh and our chef is known for his creative dishes. The majority of our staff are local Masai’s which gives the camp an authentic and friendly feel. Environmentally sustainable tourism is an essential part of Entumoto and the whole camp runs on solar power 24/7.

For more information:

Please contact us on email info@engatunyluxurysafaris.com or phone (+254) 732 007 621